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Buy suitcase, trolley or travel bag (2019) Tips: what to look for when choosing?

You will be traveling soon and need a new suitcase or travel bag. The range of suitcases, trolleys, and travel bags is quite extensive, which means that sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. To make a choice, there are several things you can look out for when buying a new suitcase or bag.

That one large suitcase might be perfect for one person, but a simple hand luggage trolley might suit you better.

Read our best tips here to buy a backpack online :

1. The size of your travel bag, suitcase or trolley is important

The perfect size of a suitcase or travel bag depends on the number of items that you want to take with you and the requirements for the size of your luggage.

For a weekend away you quickly need a small suitcase that can be taken as hand luggage, but when you are away for a more extended period, you want a giant suitcase or bag that you can store more in. Get perfect bags for your journey from Best trolley bags online.

1.1. Pay close attention to the rules of the a…

The 6 Different Men's Bags

There are many different types of bags for men. During the search for a suitable men's bag, it is therefore not easy to make a choice. Your choice is entirely dependent on the destination where you want to go and what you want to take with you. In this article, we discuss the six different and most used men's bags.
1. Men's backpack This bag is worn on the back with two straps. The backpack is still the most popular bag. Almost everyone has used this type of bag during their school period. It depends entirely on someone's lifestyle, whether he continues to use a backpack after school. Backpacks can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you could think of a weekend away with friends or family. Yet most men ultimately choose to replace the backpack with a different type of bag, namely a briefcase or laptop bag.

2. Briefcase men In most cases, a briefcase is rectangular and made of sturdy leather. The bag itself often consists of several storage compartments. These boxes…

Which bag suits you?

You Will Never Have Enough Bags
A woman never has enough bags, right? There is always a good reason to buy a new bag. It is just that one model that you do not yet have, or your favorite brand has another gem that you really cannot ignore.
A bag, every woman needs one. Bags are currently essential in your wardrobe. You have them in different shapes and sizes. So you have one for your much-needed items or one to carry your entire household with you. Do you always think you know exactly what you want and then come home to discover that the bag is too large or too small, or that you still don't like the model? We help you on your way! Discover now which bag suits you best.
Hand Bag
The number 1 bag: handbag! Women all over the world carry their handbags everywhere, from businesswomen to real fashionistas, from the office to a restaurant. And the name says it all; you carry a handbag in your hand. Handbags come in various designs, from compact to spacious, classy or sporty.
Shoulder Bag

Tips for ladies' bags for the best choice! by Da Milano

Need tips for ladies' bags? Because nowadays there is so much choice! A bag, whether this is a handbag, a backpack, or a clutch, adds to your outfit, but in our view, it also reflects a part of who you are. Someone with a distinct personality will see you sooner with a red handbag than someone with an introverted personality.  A ladies' bag is, therefore, an extension of your personality. But how do you determine which bag suits you?  In this article, you can read some useful tips about ladies' bags. For example, we will look at which bag is suitable for which occasion, and also give you valuable tips for cleaning your beautiful bag. You can read useful tips for ladies' bags below.

Which bag do you need for which occasion?Are you someone who likes to take a lot of things with you, whether this is a large bag or a small bag, do not overfill it, a bag loses its shape and stretches because of this, and tell yourself it does not look so lovely? Do you want to take everything …

Get the best trolley bags Online from Da Milano!!

A business trolley is not only extremely practical: the Da Milano trolley bag also looks stylish and businesslike. We offer you a wide range of business suitcases, so there is always a model in between that is suitable for you. This way you make a good first impression everywhere during your business trip!

Make a choice quickly and easily
Business cases are available from top brands such as Da Milano. Business cases are suitable for different purposes. We offer models that are specially designed to be used as cabin baggage. Are you going to travel to the USA? Make sure that the business trolleys are equipped with a TSA lock. A number lock offers sufficient protection for travel to other destinations. To help you make the right choice, you can do a targeted search on the left. You can indicate whether you want a hard or soft suitcase, but also the number of wheels of the suitcase. A business suitcase is stylish and ideal for business trips. 

Order trolley bag online
A business suitcase is …

Have a glance at the passport holder online by Da Milano!!

A cover for your passport? Yes, there is because, with such a case, your passport can be stored protected. A dirty and broken passport is now a thing of the past with a passport holder.
Passport covers: the ideal passport protectionA passport holder is perfect for protecting a passport against folding and dirt. Moreover, the passport can also be found easily with the help of a passport cover in a trendy color or flashy print. Furthermore, passport holders are available in which not only can your passport be stowed away, but there is also room for cards or relevant documents, such as travel documents. Nowadays, there are passports with an RFID chip with personal information on them. This information can be protected with a passport holder that blocks RFID. At Da Milano, you will find various passport covers of the best quality. Do you prefer a sturdy nylon or leather variant? One thing is sure, at Da Milano, there is always a passport cover available that will meet your needs.

Buy your p…

Look at the captivating Sling Bags for Women by Da Milano

Why you should purchase a ring sling if you like to carry your baby? Or actually; why after two times I'm already a fan of wearing a ring sling. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a ring sling and when do I prefer to grab it? Today I will list it for you. I must say I found the first one a bit scary. Only that edge under the buttocks of your child (from knee to knee), but still. It is indeed a disadvantage, that one edge. In a bad news conversation, you immediately start with the bad news, so I also start with the disadvantages. But I promise you, at the end of this article, you click a ring sling into a shopping cart. Finn likes to look over my shoulder but is not high enough for that. If I do that, we will give each other a head-thrust. When people walk behind us, he starts stretching to see them. The fabric from his knees then floats around his buttocks. It does not fall out, but it is also not pleasant. Fortunately, a sling is a sling and you can put it back p…

Trendy handbag: 3 tips for choosing the best handbag!

Discover which handbag suits you best. Read the three handy tips for choosing the best handbag that is also hip and trendy.

Every woman must have at least one in her cupboard. And that is actually far too little! Then, of course, we are talking about the handbag. Indispensable when you go to work to make all your things with you and ideal for a night out for some small things such as your phone and some money.

Often women choose a handbag based on what they like or simply look at the practical side (everything fits in). But no matter how hip and trendy your handbag may be, it must suit you. It can make or break your outfit. Or even detract from the beautiful figure that you have. That is why we give you three useful tips for buying the best handbag in this blog.

Tip 1: Does the trendy handbag suit your personal style?
If the bohemian style handbags are completely in fashion, but if you are a chic businesswoman, it would be strange if you chose this handbag. It does not fit your perso…

Waist bags are completely hot! But how do you wear them?

Waist bag, Hip bags, bum bags, pouches….

Everyone knows these bags from the 90s. We thought they were banished from the streets forever ... but the hip bag is now completely gone! And we don't mind that at all!
want to buy pouches online in India.

Moreover, this summer the hip bag and waist bag is a real hot fashion item, especially on the festival meadow! The bum bag not only looks nice, but it is also nice and small and very practical. You have all your important things (passport, money, telephone, sunscreen, etc.) close by and you have your hands free. This way you can show all your dance moves undisturbed on the festival meadow.

With Damilano you have hip bags in all styles and sizes: with a snake or leopard print, in a solid color, in shiny gold, etc. Something for everyone! We also have hip bags in our range for men.

But how do you wear a hip bag? Below we give you some tips. After all, you can wear the hip bag in different ways.

Wear it over your jacket or blazer to accentu…


Shop Beige leather bags online
A cool look, but full of temperament: leather bags have it all. Beige is one of the cool colors of the color spectrum and is also one of the most classic colors when it comes to leather bags. Weren't you going to high school with a beige leather book bag? The light brown shade matches many outfits and occasions. That is why there are of course designed so many different types of bags: clutches, briefcases, backpacks and indeed the classic school bag in a modern jacket can be found in our beige leather bag range.

Different shades of beige
Beige has, just like so many colors, different nuances. There is beige that tends to be white, but also beige that reminds you of a sandy beach along the North Sea. All these beige shades (from cream to a deep 'coffee wrong' color) can be found in our beige leather bag range.
Stylish color
Beige in all its facets is a stylish color that exudes class. It may not be a present color, but you don't have to. …

Find the ideal bag in five easy steps

When I stand in line at the supermarket, it often happens that the lady has to look up her wallet for me from the depths of a huge bag. You can compare bags with houses: the bigger you live, the more stuff you keep. It's the same with a bag. When you have a large bag, you take all kinds of things with you that only bring weight and that you often do not need at all. I am also always amazed by the things my clients and students carry with them all day long. Way to Choose the best Sling bag for Ladies.

How do you find the ideal bag?
When I ask my customers how they have chosen the bag they carry, they often look at me in surprise. "Yes, I saw a nice bag and I bought it then," is the answer. But that you have to stand in front of the mirror with a bag to see if it suits you is the first step to your ideal bag. Read on and find all the tips below so that you too will soon carry the ideal bag with you.

1. Choose a bag in the size that fits your posture bags that are relative…

Buy genuine leather men's wallet online in India

If you take a closer look in men's wardrobe, you will find that most of the men do not worry about having a more diversified range of outfits, shoes, etc which is quite contradictory to a woman’s closet. It can be easily seen that men tend to keep things simple and give more emphasis on purpose rather than looks when it comes to terms of accessorizing. You will be easily surprised after finding out a man's commitment to his wallet. It's not an undeniable fact that wallet is an important part of any man's life and a lot of men do not change their wallets frequently. Which is why the process of selecting a perfect wallet for men and takes a lot of time and thought process.
No matter how drastically trends and fashion changes around the globe, leather wallets always remain the first priority of any man. The simple, bold and long-lasting nature of these leather wallets is beloved by everyone which is why genuine leather wallets have served as a companion of man for decade…

Travel Safety Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Successful & Safe Trip

It does not matter, where you are going to travel either within the country or outside country or a few kilometres away in your friend or family’s house or driving to the beach. One of the popular times to travel is around the holidays when most of the people prefer to travel to visit with family and friends. Everyone who loves to travel, they would definitely want to enjoy the holidays in a stress-free way. But some people may have stressful time so it is necessary to maintain travel safety tips like taking some emergency medicines, passport wallet, enough cash money etc. so that your children may not face any problem while you are spending your holidays in seaside or in the hill areas. 1.First of all, do proper research of the place where you are planning to go.
Read up if there is any travel restrictions or travel alerts or travel warnings
where you intend to visit. It is always better to consult with the emergency
agency department to know about the emergencies in that place like …

Make your travel statement with these designer passport holders!

Spring is approaching and for some, a well-deserved holiday is planned. A few days to a bustling European city or just a week to the sun? Chances are you take your passport with you on a trip. Actually, passports are pretty boring. Everyone gets the same size of red-brown booklet in the hand of the communal desk. To brighten your passport and also protect against damage and dirt there is the perfect solution: passport holders! Passport holders are becoming increasingly popular and are available in more and more cool prints and colors. With a passport holder you give your passport a unique and recognizable look and is therefore a must-have for every travel freak! Da Milano has scanned the internet for you and put the best passport holders in our collection: Passport covers made of genuine leather are very sturdy. These cases are made by designers at Da Milano and are exclusively available on our website. These passport holders have space for your bank cards, money, tickets and of course y…