How to choose the best trolley bags

TROLLEY CASESThe trolley case is the ideal solution for regular travel and little luggage. With a trolley, it is easy to take luggage with you. A trolley has a handy handlebar and is equipped with two or four wheels. At Damilano, you can order high-quality trolleys from different brands. With us, you can easily and quickly order trolleys in our webshop. You will find the most desirable trolley bags online at Damilano
TRAVEL SUITCASESAt Damilano you have a wide choice of purchasing a suitcase. Therefore determine in advance what you will mainly use the bag for. If you travel a lot by plane, we recommend that you buy a hard travel case. If you often go with your transport, then a soft suitcase is recommended. In addition to the method of use, the contents of the travel case are essential. If you mainly have short trips like business trips, city trips, or midweek breaks with the family, it is better to buy a small travel suitcase than a suitcase with more great content. To provide you w…

What is a sling bag?

The sling bag is often smaller than a backpack and therefore very suitable to take to a party, festival, or any occasion where you do not want to take too much, but more than fits in your jacket pockets.

Place of the sling bag
The bag is more significant than a fanny pack that is worn around the waist or on the hips. You can wear the sling bag for women crosswise over your torso. That is wonderfully comfortable. The strap on the bag is specially made for this purpose. The sling bag hangs just above the hip, on the stomach, or slightly back.

The function of the sling bag
What makes this bag so accessible? As mentioned, it is comfortable to wear but is also easy to use when it comes to walking or cycling. You swing the bag towards your back when you get on your mountain bike.

Outfit and the sling bag
And because they are available in so many models and materials, there is always one that fits your gear. Ladies even wear the bag over a beautiful thick, long sweater, men easily over a jacke…
Perhaps the most beautiful hand bags, but not always handy, because the name says it all, you have to hold your hand. A handbag is helpful for when you go to a dinner party, or to use it as a bag for your work. A hip ladies laptop bag is a precious gift for the student or working woman. But it is not always easy to find a beautiful handbags bag for ladies that is both trendy and professional in the workplace. At least, that's how we experienced it. And to help you, we scoured the internet. You are looking for the most helpful and most beautiful handbag bags for ladies that are perfect as a gift for yourself or another lady. We have looked at bags that are both beautiful and trendy. So there is no need to compromise between femininity, cheerfulness, and the impersonal nature of a handbag. This makes this stylish ladies' handbag, both fashionable. In short,perfect online handbags for ladies. handbags The quality is really top of this clutch…

Amazing Advantages of Small Bag

Nothing as handy as a small bag, a handbag, or a similar bag, especially for the woman who wants to be both stylish and comfortable. Of course, there is a lot of choice between different types of bags, and that does not always make it easy. The range is extensive: from modern, sleek designs to rather classic and very spacey bags. Nevertheless, small bags are trendy nowadays - for various it online the best sling bag for women online 
Why should you now opt for a small size bag? The benefits are far-reaching, and some more information about it is also appropriate here!

The benefits of a small bag
Small bags deserve more appreciation. These days we think that bigger is better, but often the opposite is exact. The benefits of a small handbag:

1. A small handbag is compact
It goes without saying, of course, but a more modest model handbag is much more compact. For example, if you eat out, or even if you travel, it is often better to use a smaller bag. That way, you can put essentia…

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Laptop Bag

The most beautiful laptop bag is the bag that goes with your outfit & appearance, in which you can safely take your laptop wherever you go and in which you can also store all kinds of other things.Every renowned brand has a laptop bag in the collection. But what is the right one? We help you make a good choice by giving tips on which to select. In this way, you make a well-considered choice, and you have the most functional and most beautiful laptop bag for you.

Check the size of your laptop and choose the correct size laptop bag.Do not go shopping endlessly to view all kinds of bags. Choose a reliable online provider that has an enormous assortment with all possible brands. Then searching and comparing is a lot easier. Directly from your couch.Think about what you do with your laptop. Are you on the road a lot, or do you only use this at the office or home? Make your choice based on that.If you opt for a laptop bag, make sure it has a padded sleeve. This optimally protects your la…

Buy suitcase, trolley or travel bag (2019) Tips: what to look for when choosing?

You will be traveling soon and need a new suitcase or travel bag. The range of suitcases, trolleys, and travel bags is quite extensive, which means that sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. To make a choice, there are several things you can look out for when buying a new suitcase or bag.

That one large suitcase might be perfect for one person, but a simple hand luggage trolley might suit you better.

Read our best tips here to buy a backpack online :

1. The size of your travel bag, suitcase or trolley is important

The perfect size of a suitcase or travel bag depends on the number of items that you want to take with you and the requirements for the size of your luggage.

For a weekend away you quickly need a small suitcase that can be taken as hand luggage, but when you are away for a more extended period, you want a giant suitcase or bag that you can store more in. Get perfect bags for your journey from Best trolley bags online.

1.1. Pay close attention to the rules of the a…

The 6 Different Men's Bags

There are many different types of bags for men. During the search for a suitable men's bag, it is therefore not easy to make a choice. Your choice is entirely dependent on the destination where you want to go and what you want to take with you. In this article, we discuss the six different and most used men's bags.
1. Men's backpack This bag is worn on the back with two straps. The backpack is still the most popular bag. Almost everyone has used this type of bag during their school period. It depends entirely on someone's lifestyle, whether he continues to use a backpack after school. Backpacks can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you could think of a weekend away with friends or family. Yet most men ultimately choose to replace the backpack with a different type of bag, namely a briefcase or laptop bag.

2. Briefcase men In most cases, a briefcase is rectangular and made of sturdy leather. The bag itself often consists of several storage compartments. These boxes…