Sunday, February 17, 2019

Make your travel statement with these designer passport holders!

Passport Holders from Da Milano
Passport Holders from Da Milano
Spring is approaching and for some, a well-deserved holiday is planned. A few days to a bustling European city or just a week to the sun? Chances are you take your passport with you on a trip. Actually, passports are pretty boring. Everyone gets the same size of red-brown booklet in the hand of the communal desk. To brighten your passport and also protect against damage and dirt there is the perfect solution: passport holders!
Passport holders are becoming increasingly popular and are available in more and more cool prints and colors. With a passport holder you give your passport a unique and recognizable look and is therefore a must-have for every travel freak!
Da Milano has scanned the internet for you and put the best passport holders in our collection:
Passport covers made of genuine leather are very sturdy. These cases are made by designers at Da Milano and are exclusively available on our websiteThese passport holders have space for your bank cards, money, tickets and of course your passport. This passport cover also offers protection against digital fraud of your credit or debit card. As a final touch, different intricate designs have also been printed in leather. These Are The Best leather passport covers and These Are very popular and only available in limited quantities, so be quick!
We have also thought of the tough vacationers among us! Da Milano has designed a sturdy passport cover with a basic appearance for traveling. The inside of the passport cover is smooth, the outside is available in different colors. There is also room for more small cards and is very handy in use.
Whether you are leaving for a short weekend or are on the go on a long holiday: these cases will summarize your trip well. You are going to experience a new adventure! Perhaps on a warm Canarian Island, or on top of a snowy mountain in AustriaAnyway, we hope your adventure starts well with these passport holders from Da Milano!
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Five indispensable bags for men

Now that 50 percent of the men own a bag, The Da Milano decided to draw up a list of the bags that are indispensable for the modern man. And no, the nylon backpack with drawstring is not there because "They're the only bags that are never OK".

1. The messenger bag 

Messenger bags are perfect for men who are afraid to look too feminine with a bag. You can easily carry your laptop, iPad and everything else you need. Avoid using bright colors or synthetic materials to avoid looking like a bridge-class on the way to his maths lesson.

2. The tote bag 
Image result for the tote bag by da milano
In other words: a bag with handles. Many men are afraid of this. But in a cool model and executed in masculine colors and materials they are the perfect bag for modern men. In New York for example, this bag is no longer out of the streets to think away and they are also very spacious.

3. The laptop bag
 Image result for laptop bag by da milano

Laptop Bag Da Milano
A rectangular laptop bag with short handles (and possibly a shoulder strap) is always a good choice. However, do not opt ​​for hard shell or synthetic specimens, which have not been possible since the late 1990s. Go for a cool and stylish copy in a good quality leather.

4.  The weekend bag
Da Milano Black Luggage
Ideal for men who constantly commute between work, home, the gym and weekends away. Avoid shiny copies of fake leather or brightly colored nylon bags, but opt ​​for a bag in neutral color and good quality leather or canvas. You can put everything in there and he can go anywhere, even to the office (so everyone thinks that you will exercise afterwards, even if it is not ...)

5. The Backpack
Wooba Black Backpack
Yes, backpacks are best if you know on which occasion and in which execution. At chic, traditional offices a pack bag is probably not appropriate, but on many work floors a neat backpack can do a great job. And of course he also comes in handy at a weekend away. In the right version, a pack bag can even be very stylish!
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