Find the ideal bag in five easy steps

When I stand in line at the supermarket, it often happens that the lady has to look up her wallet for me from the depths of a huge bag. You can compare bags with houses: the bigger you live, the more stuff you keep. It's the same with a bag. When you have a large bag, you take all kinds of things with you that only bring weight and that you often do not need at all. I am also always amazed by the things my clients and students carry with them all day long. Way to Choose the best Sling bag for Ladies.

How do you find the ideal bag?
When I ask my customers how they have chosen the bag they carry, they often look at me in surprise. "Yes, I saw a nice bag and I bought it then," is the answer. But that you have to stand in front of the mirror with a bag to see if it suits you is the first step to your ideal bag. Read on and find all the tips below so that you too will soon carry the ideal bag with you.

1. Choose a bag in the size that fits your posture bags that are relatively large for the posture
If you are small and petite and you have a bag the size of a big shopper with you, then that is out of proportion. Are you tall and tall, then a tiny bag is not in proportion to your posture. The height and the body weight determine the size of your bag. Are you average in height and weight? Then choose a medium-sized bag.

2. Only put the things in your bag that you need between leaving home and coming home What do you put in your bag?
Turn your bag into a basket. There are women who have plasters, a survival knife with corkscrew and nail clipper, tweezers, hand cream, day cream, night cream, receipts from supermarkets and offers and cookies from restaurants etc. in their bag and who carry them with them on a continuous basis. Throw away what you do not need and will no longer use. Only put the things back in your bag that you need between your departure and your return home.

Leave all other things in the basket and store the basket, preferably somewhere near the coat rack. If you are looking for your spare lipstick or spare tights then you know that they are in the basket and you never have to search in a hurry.

3. Adjust your bag to the occasion
A bag for your free time may be slightly larger (but still in proportion to your posture). The bag is made of leather or canvas, depending on your style. The bag can be nonchalant in shape and also colorful.A bag for your free time

For your work it is useful if you bring a bag that can hold your laptop or an iPad or notepad in A4 format. The bag may be tighter in shape. The bag can be made of stiffer material. Usually you see these bags in neutral colors but a bright color can also be fun, depending on your function.bag to work

Are you dressed to go out? Then a somewhat smaller bag is better suited. Take a bag made of a softer material such as soft leather. The bag may be colorful, but let the color of your bag appear somewhere in your outfit.Bag matching the outfit

An evening bag is very small. It is often made of shiny fabric, sometimes with embroidery or beads. The bag can contain shiny details or be set with sequins.Clutch or evening bag

4. Carry your bag on a slim part of your body bag with pear-shaped figure
Stand in front of the mirror in the store and hang the bag over your shoulder. Look next to which body part the bag falls.  Do you wear the bag at hip height and do you have full hips? Then you immediately see that this is not beautiful. The rule is: you always carry a bag next to a slender body part. Do you have full hips but small breasts and a slim waist? Then you carry your bag high and you make the shoulder strap a lot shorter.bag next to waist and chest

Do you have broad shoulders, a full bosom and narrow hips? Then you carry your bag at hip height. When you stand in front of the mirror and gently pull the bag up along your body, you will automatically see the best place to carry your bag. Adjust the length of the shoulder strap accordingly.

5. Do you regularly change bags? Then use an inner bag
An inner bag is a canvas bag that you put in your handbag. So actually an inner bag, a bag in a bag. In this canvas bag are several compartments where you put your things. There is a large compartment for your wallet, for example, but also a special compartment for your phone, pens, business cards and so on. These inner bags are ideal if you often change bags. All your belongings are organized and you will never have to search for your phone or power bank again. You take the inner bag from your one bag, put it in your other bag and you can leave the house!
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