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Waist bags are completely hot! But how do you wear them?

Waist bag, Hip bags, bum bags, pouches….

Everyone knows these bags from the 90s. We thought they were banished from the streets forever ... but the hip bag is now completely gone! And we don't mind that at all!
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Moreover, this summer the hip bag and waist bag is a real hot fashion item, especially on the festival meadow! The bum bag not only looks nice, but it is also nice and small and very practical. You have all your important things (passport, money, telephone, sunscreen, etc.) close by and you have your hands free. This way you can show all your dance moves undisturbed on the festival meadow.

With Damilano you have hip bags in all styles and sizes: with a snake or leopard print, in a solid color, in shiny gold, etc. Something for everyone! We also have hip bags in our range for men.

But how do you wear a hip bag? Below we give you some tips. After all, you can wear the hip bag in different ways.

Wear it over your jacket or blazer to accentu…


Shop Beige leather bags online
A cool look, but full of temperament: leather bags have it all. Beige is one of the cool colors of the color spectrum and is also one of the most classic colors when it comes to leather bags. Weren't you going to high school with a beige leather book bag? The light brown shade matches many outfits and occasions. That is why there are of course designed so many different types of bags: clutches, briefcases, backpacks and indeed the classic school bag in a modern jacket can be found in our beige leather bag range.

Different shades of beige
Beige has, just like so many colors, different nuances. There is beige that tends to be white, but also beige that reminds you of a sandy beach along the North Sea. All these beige shades (from cream to a deep 'coffee wrong' color) can be found in our beige leather bag range.
Stylish color
Beige in all its facets is a stylish color that exudes class. It may not be a present color, but you don't have to. …